Sunday, July 27, 2008

Deliriouschic and xoxodoll

When Dawn Yang talked about a secret blog, she probably was just using it as a diversionary tactic to stop people from finding out shit about her.

But the truth is, she does have a "secret blog" - in the form of two secret ids she assumed on Cozycot forums.

Here she writes uninhibitedly... Is it harmless musings about life? I don't think so.

So what's the REAL Dawn Yang like?

The one that's not plagiarising and pretending to be sweet and charitable?

She is exceedingly self-centred, deluded, vicious, and constantly puts down other girls who are deemed to be prettier than her.

Her most common tactic, when confronted, is to say, "Look, she also did it!"... Thus, she has accused more than 10 girls of doing plastic surgery.

Most common victims are Nira Chan, Arissaluna, and Fiona Xie.

The question is, WHY these 3 girls in particular?

ARISSA is the person Dawn copied. From awe, Dawn slowly decided she is better than Arissa and started to loathe being copied. She wants to bring Arissa down by spreading untrue rumours about Arissa.

NIRA CHAN graced the cover of the very first issue of Playeur magazine. Somewhere in the middle of that same magazine is Dawn's spread. Why does she hate Nira? Because Dawn was promised the COVER, but Nira's photos were nicer than hers.

FIONA XIE is another celebrity Dawn hates. Why? We can only guess it is because Dawn also knows Fiona went for surgery (in Dawn's books she did), but yet only Dawn is getting shit from it. So unfair, right? No... People hate you because you are fake inside and out, Dawn.

She probably thought nobody will find out her Cozy nicks, but alas! This girl is too stupid and too self-righteous. She is about to be shamed to within an inch of her life. Ask yourself, Dawn, if you didn't draw up that lawsuit, would you have gotten this much shit today?


Well, too late to regret now.

You people want proof, right? Here's even more proof to hate Dawn Yang - the little shameless, two-faced plastic hypocrite.

Some background information: Here's Cozycot forums (you need to register to view), the forum page that has almost 800 pages worth of shit about Dawn. Since its start, almost all contributing members were anti-Dawn, with an exception of some.

Deliriouschic is one of them.

On this post she mentioned her email address is

A quick search on turns out this startling result:

Why does this profile suddenly belong to

If you remember, a few weeks back, it was also discovered that through the nick Summerdoll, Dawn Yang was found to be calling herself Eurasian and admitting she slept with two industry bigshots to rise to fame.

With the nick Summerdoll, she also included that her email address is "".

This friendster profile used to be under - the proof and screenshots are on Cozycot. After being discovered for her dirty secrets, Dawn hastily removed the punklove101 association from her Friendster, and replaced it with?

That's right...

Not a very smart move. This just shows she is guilty on both counts.

Maybe you are not convinced? Maybe you think that that's just a fan mirror of Dawn's FS page?

As you can see from the above, I am her friend... one of her 500 fake ones. And I assure you this is the real her.

Still not convinced?

Clicking into the profile, you see her real life friends such as Douglas Khee, Candice, and Howard Lo.


Let's go into the interesting bits now.

What did she say with her Deliriouschic id?

You can see them here, but she's bound to delete them soon. But I've print-screened all of them.

Prepare a bucket for vomiting:

Praising herself is a common theme

What Asian pride? I thought you liked to play up the diluted Dutch part of yourself?


We know her mom works in a bank


Yes yes you so rich...

We get it, your breasts are real... Good for you! (but of course, to make it an even bigger deal, must emphasize Fiona's are fake)

Out-ing her two best friends Grace and Candice... What a nice friend Dawn is

Disgusting, self-praise again


The thing is, Dawn... You yourself said you were Eurasian on that forum... But she admits she did surgery to appear more mixed... Hmmm

Arissa bashing again



Sorry to say... You don't really have fans...



Fiona gets the blow again

Talking about herself

Is lying about being 1/4 German stupid? How about 1/32 Dutch like you?

Angelababy-bashing continued

Lovely! Do not believe the lies the whore says about Arissa. They are not true.

All the rumours about Arissa were started by Dawn

Defending her stomp video



Defending her slutty photos

One of my fav quotes, calling herself classy and smart...

Don't forget your old eyes were beady too, dawn...

She talks about "melissalam", who is her manager Noel in disguise. HE is not pretty but is a fat ugly Indian guy.

Why ask Jameshong to share more? Isn't he also you? More on that later.

Trying to make herself seem eligible by stressing she fucks male models

Nira-bashing at every chance

Doesn't like Nicole


Her views on her plagiarism, later repeated on radio

Spreading more Arissa rumours

Oh MY! She dares to call someone pontinank!

Gets very interested when people talk about other celebs also lying about PS

But Dawn... she didn't do as much as you did

This is the entry that gave her away. Shortly after editing her Starblog entry, Dawn immediately came onto Cozy to announce the above. The timing was immaculate. Dumb broad.

And finally, her last post as deliriouschic:

We know you also did yours.



Dissatisfied with using this krazylovely identity on Cozy, Dawn is also found to leave comments for herself on her regular blog. How do we know it's her?

A google search result on "Krazylovely" only turns out a few entries... And this "Krazylovely" person only leaves very positive comments for Dawn on her blog!

When clicked, Krazylovely's xanga site turns out to be empty. Why? Because it is a xanga identity created by Dawn to leave comments for herself.

Unsurprisingly enough, these positive comments are left on the blog entries where Dawn is talking about either a sponsored product or paid advert! No doubt, the comments are left to please the advertisers.

Click on the pics to go to her particular entry

To make her photoshopped old photos seem more credible

This sickens me

To give credit to her advertorial for clothes

To give credit to her advertorial for mobile learning

To give credit to her sponsored phone


You think you are satisfied with the juicy Dawn gossip already? Good discoveries for 1 day??

You are not even halfway there yet!! There's MORE!



xoxodoll is another person who leaves a lot of pro-Dawn comments on Cozycot. In fact, she left 313 comments in total.

But first, how do we know xoxodoll is her?


A search for xoxodoll turns this up:

This is a profile Dawn Yang set on a music website... It includes her accurate birthdate and MSN address. Songs reviewed include those of Jame Blunt's, which she has mentioned on her xanga site that she likes.

A further search on xoxodoll... Lookie what we found!!

Surprise surprise!!

Under the nick xoxodoll, we found Dawn's old photo album!!!

The pictures are all from 2003, when she already had her first nose job done already, and have cut her double eyelids. Not sure what else she did by then, at the age of 18?

And in case you are curious, here are all the photos with her inside:

Is it just me or does Candice look really different?


Now for the Cozy posts Dawn made as xoxodoll

They are so numerous I don't have time to printscreen all, but I assure you I have no reason to lie about their content.


Click here to see before she deletes them.

do u know yeo & yang is the same surname!! just one is english n e other is in chinese.... if people can change their names or give themselves a christian name i don't see y she can't use her chinese surname right?
well i forced my bro to show me his pics with dawn from their younger days so i can see for myself he scolded me for being a busybody bleh. she does look kinda different...!! i was like wow! But can tell it's still the same person just that the styling, makeup n maturity has changed.... i guess they can really do wonders..!! she was damn tanned (wonder what whitening she used?!), face was chubbier a lil rounder with some baby fat, n hairstyle n eyebrows different, not so nice.... other than that i dun think she really did anything.... ah pretty clapbangkiss! i wanna ask her for makeover lesson hehee btw, my bro says she is gonna b stayin in singapore 'stead of going back to LA for some time....wonder why....

as for daphne, i was so surprised she moved! like rather sudden....bleedingblackbutterflies sounds very goth indeed.... maybe new image for a new start? i like it though! sounds way cooler than pinkshoefetish hee! supposedly daph n zhuang broke up cos he could not take her mixing around with so many guys if i'm not wrong... i guess its always risky to put out the details of your personal relationships on your blog... can create problems n heartaches... oh well...

... people do change over time! Even I myself look very different from my geeky n obiang younger days haha! Thats y after seeing her younger pics, I can say with some certainty clapbangkiss seriously looks kinda the same just she has jus grown better with age n styling! i think ppl r jus jealous n envious of her or smthin.....but even if she did do anythin i'm still a fan of hers...! hehee anyone wants to start puttin up pics of their sch days n current? i think it'll be a hoot, esp mine!

anyway aesthetic improvement is very very common these days so i don't see y anyone shld make a fuss about it....i saw in the papers that even the last Miss World from Peru was a cosmetic surgery clinic ambassador... ! i have so many friends who have gone for double eyelid surgery n even i myself am considering it..! most celebs have done it, esp all e pretty korean ones... n well if we can get braces to improve our teeth, same thing, why can't i improve my face right ?

oh n regarding fiona's blog, is it true xiaxue totally slammed her for being hypocritical or something?? i really wanna read her blog haha.

i love reading XX, pinkshoefetish, n clapbangkiss's blogs!!! XX is really entertaining n funny with her say-whatever-i-want writings. daphne n dawn have such fun pretty pictures n enviable lives!

I agree daphne n zhuang make a cute couple....she's pretty n he's gd-looking..hopefully they'll get bk tog one day. but i'm sure she has her fair share of suitors ya! meantime, i should go look for zhuang's other 2 brothers! lol

i met dawn before! she knows my bro n came over to my hse to play mahjong once! very nice girl, she actually went to buy me chocolates i liked after i gobbled up so much of the ones she brought *paiseh* does she really wear heavy makeup? cos that night she didn't have on any makeup n dress very simple, but still soo darn chio!!! don't know if the surgery is true or not... but who cares, i still think she looks very natural n pretty. if i can i will go for surgery too lol! i think my bro liked her afew years ago haha... he says she's damn smart, got herself a scholarship to study in USA. beauty n brains...wish i had...

joanne peh is so haughty when she's not even that pretty nor talented! yucks. another one I don't like.

felicia is cute n seems nice.

fann wong is pretty cos of her super nice skin and height. if she didn't go get her double eyelids n cheek implants (and probably botox to keep her looking young hehee) she'd just be above average! but she is too act cute for her age!

and about dawn yang, i'm quite fascinated by her. she's really got the looks n this x-factor. 90% of ppl don't admit surgery anyway. not like a crime must confess. u have heard fann or fiona admit before?
Accused Fann Wong of cutting double eyelids and having cheek implants.

don't really like that dawn yeoh in the shining star. she's like those typical irritating act cute n innocent besides she's also those really desperate for fame type which doesn't score very well in my books. She kept taking part in countless of talent contests n beauty contests including new paper's new face before.
And frankly, i think a role as a blind person is rather easy to act. Yet ppl will think tht u r a super actor for that . geez

btw, if dawn yeo had "implanted assets" it was a failure. anyone who has seen her real life will know..haha it's like normal B size.. a lil above average size but nothing fantastic!

and fiona xie did get a boob job and double eyelid surgery. my bro used to be in the same social circle as her during younger days when they hung out at far east plaza n he says it's confirmed. she's got really big boobs now like C or D cup! many of her older friends supposedly don't like her cos they know what her true character is like (not very gd) n now she's always trying to act nice to improve her image.

i think fann wong is great as a top star overall....she's pleasant n is so loyal in love..but she really looks and acts too young for her age!! admire her youthful n fair skin!! (probably botox)
Said Fiona Xie did boob job and double eyelid surgery.

yea that was the exact same thing i thought when i saw wong liling on the cover of urban!! her nose looks different and her chin is even more obviously changed...longer and sharper!
Insinuated Wong Li Lin did her nose and chin.

another big drama! *faint*
quite a childish "war" i think....
i can't believe xiaxue would do something so dumb!!
wonder how she's gonna get out of this one!

it was reported in Today paper as well.
Xiaxue keeps deleting the entries on coz she's an editor i think. winner ***....

ya getting sick of Daphne and her antics...what's with the constant closing and opening...bizzare. she do it once for attention stunt fine but so many times is kind of stupid my friend saw her at zouk the other night and said she looked funny with the short bangs.

ok well I guess I belong to the other camp who thinks dawn looks really gorgeous in person i really admire her looks! plus i think she's a nice gentle person as well. I think if you didn't hear of any plastic surgery allegations you wouldn't describe her looks as "plasticy" cos she looks natural even w/o makeup tht time when she came to c my bro, and my fren from australia who doesn't know about her hoo-ha thought she's pretty too!

it's possible she uses photoshop to touch up cos its common everywhere, but maybe she doesn't too cos i see in her photos with xiaxue on xiaxue's blog she looks the same. i don't think PS queen xiaxue would touch up for dawn right?! maybe even make her uglier hehee
Accuses XX of making her uglier

btw, i only know how to play with the lighting and contrast on photoshop! how to enlarge or shrink features like mentioned? wanna learn


hmm sugarsweet, you posted the exact same post about dawn in flowerpod right?

i saw her outside zouk entrance too..her nose is indeed sharp but plastic or not i think she is gorgeous..very pretty and stylo! my guy friends n i were all drooling oh one of her girlfriends was very chio too! she looks much more like her blog pictures in real life than the fhm ones...funny...wonder how they can do such a bad job when even her normal photos in new paper are better haha.

and about daphne's new blog, i agree it sounds bitchy and conceited...wonder what happened to her??

i think that daphne is quite an attention seeker... used to like reading her blog but not anymore.
and that dawn yeo won new paper babe of the year got quite alot of votes wow i was surprised..

Few years back Dawn came to my house to play mahjong. Almost no makeup but still very pretty!
Ya I also heard TCS stars always pressured to fix their faces n boobs, even if it's minor. I think most stars do lar. Fann is rumored to do eyes n cheeks. Nice result!

Here's a website showing before-after pix of jap celebs

And this one korean ones (click on next pg coz therez 3 pgs!) very amazing

I'm thinking of doing my nose and eyes in korea if i can. Been reading this forum n seems really many many singaporeans going overseas to do ps! those interested will find it helpful:

I've mentioned long ago in here, before she became this famous, that my bro is frenz with her since sec sch. I saw his pics of her then. She looked like those she posted in her blog. She was already quite chio n my bro used to have a crush on her. I still believe she probably only did her nose. The rest, lose weight, whitening cream, contacts, makeup, false lashes...*shrug* alot of girls become prettier over the ages of 14 to 20.

Maybe ppl photoshop her photos to become uglier u never know also right? haha.

Anyway thtz jus my point of view lar, i like her so plz don't "hamtam" me! See Jolin Tsai? She's voted plastic surgery queen of taiwan but denies, lots of fans n haters too. People also say she change her whole face completely, but i think she only slim her face n did her nose that's all!!

ya i remember reading the new paper interview and her clarification on some website. She said she had GRANDPARENTS who were mixed. A little dutch n thai blood i think. Not that her mum or dad is angmoh.

It's lyk the "broken telephone" game, itz so easy for people to pass on info tht gets more n more exaggerated. Ya when u become a celeb u will have alot of ppl who either love u to bits or hate u to max. They have to deal with all the tabloids and gossip... I wouldn't want that kind of life either!!! Look at ppl like dawn n fiona xie... alot of fans but also so many rumors and haters... wonder how they feel....

but true, these kind sure wanna marry rich man haha.. heard fiona xie's ex bf is the son of the UOB family...!!!

We'll wait and see if any blind rich man will ever marry a plastic whore...

Btw, Ling lee looks like a monkey/ ah kua to me :X on screen she comes off as trying too hard too

Coincides with that she said as deliriouschic

The standard of girls is really lousy compared to other countries...

ya it's true the pretty singaporean girls usually won't join because of ther "reputation". If they join then don't win or kena criticized isn't it a big blow to their ego? haha

unless they are seeking fame...becoz mediacorp likes to sign on some of the contestants... but all of 'em really nuthing great imo. Look at that joanne peh n ling lee? Not that chio and not talented!

my fren *** told me that jade seah joinned the compeition becoz she was hopin she might get spotted by mediacorp. she used to be quite fame hungry.. loud n attention seekin in school. but at least she's quite gd-looking.

Felicia Chin definitely did her eyes!! and did she slim her face down? So she did her boobs too? She was such a plain jane n ugly duckling last time. But now much prettier. Or is it because of makeup and styling? at least she can act

Originally Posted by geeko
She acts like she's a beauty (oh yeah...and a "real beauty") and is always trying to act cute and last time there's this new paper article...i forgot what it wrote...but i think she criticized people who undergo plastic surgery (along that lines)....DOH....She herself undergo plastic surgery and still critcize others...who is she?

Dawn replies:
Dawn act cute?? I think the other dawn yeoh is the act cute one until can puke blood!! Gosh haf u watched the peak on ch8? :X

actually me likes dawn yang even if its true she had surgery. No big deal. She's so gorgeous n smart, like to read her blog! she never admit nor deny la, she just didn't bother to answer abt the surgery rumours.... n i think itz quite unfair to complain she criticized ppl who undergo surgery bcoz there is really no proof of tht (it wasn't in the newpaper interview), gossipers only anyhow say say on the net.
Ppl jus like to bring others down when they are climbing ahead...human nature i guess. N online easy to spread rumors coz u r anonymous.

plus though i think she might have done her nose cos it's perfect now, i think the rest of her is real. Cant judge based on one bad photo. Haf u seen these other younger pix of her? She still look pretty and about the same! Had a peranakan/indo sort of look since young.

And therez a farnee "fugly jerk" who started this LOLL

do u find that xiaxue is like trying hard to look like dawn yang or something?

irl and on tv she looks quite bad and so different..... then on her blog she photoshop her photos so much in a way till she look a bit like dawn! oh my goodness!

You wish.

i also think lynn poh looked sweeter in the past!! she was quite cute in that sitcom with chew chor meng! Now she looks unnatural and a b***hy stuck up look she strike me as the kind that will indeed sleep with the bosses if what cutypenguin said is true, maybe she is jus desperate to revive her career?

Accused Lynn Poh of being loose

a friend's auntie worked in jolin's record company in taiwan, said she indeed did some surgeries during her "refrigeration" contract dispute time.

That's not all, according to her, after that in the rest period between albums, she'll do more procedures!

but she looks much better though, pretty artiste always have to maintain looks i guess?
Accused Jolin of ps.

she ****** did her nose cos it's really too perfect and higher than before!! sometimes look a bit unnatural...

but judging from these old photos, she dun look all tht different to me,i think the rest is just lost the baby fat, n put fake eyelashes and contacts imo.

my brother's old pic of her years ago was also quite pretty.

Your know yourself what you did to your face

i read somewhere arissa's real name is Zhenshan.

At first *** shez really pretty too...!! she and DY look quite alike! but after a while I don't think shez very "nai kan"... get a bit sian of her pics...all the same angle, always same side of the face, n same smile...

Stop spreading rumours about Arissa!

Dear Shu, so the soap really does work? Are you visibly fairer? like whiter??

Do you know which country the soap is made in? I wanna try too! I'm so tanned... this sounds like cheaper alternative to whitening jabs so ex...

You would know of course...

the 'after' pic in there of Boa isn't even the final result of her 'new look" of the present she's changed even more since then.

I saw a very old concert of hers on youtube when shez much younger she looked completely different. Her face was much wider and nose much much bigger n hooked from the side even!

I've been trying to look for it again!!

She's done many changes over the years i think, nice result !

Fiona's before pics

Me too! i used to have one side more prominent than the other. Then few years ago the other side naturally appeared! I read somewhere that it could be because when u grow up u can lose some of the fats above the eyelids, so it's no longer as "hidden".

But I still use glue to make them bigger i think celebs usually just go under the knife to save trouble. i'm considering too!


ya the ads are like everywhere i turn at every bus stop!!! argh!

agreed she looks pretty there!! but i bet it's probably a lot of camera tricks and photoshop. See her on tv and in real life she's definitely not considered pretty in my books...
-on jade seah

Yep dawn was there... Some of my guy friends told me they asked to take photos with her yesterday at MOS. They couldn't stop raving about her hahah. say shez super pretty, hot figure, friendly, blahblah

She was with her bf, a tall and gdlooking guy supposedly.
When people see you irl, most of them say how scary you look. Nobody raves.

gwendolyn looks like a pornstar / slut. Don't like that kind at all. quite disgusted actually :X Plus she does not seem too bright either.

The andrea girl is not too bad, but somehow not very memorable or appealing. dunno why.

omg Maia seems addicted to plastic surgery :X


She has gone for a tummy tuck, two nose jobs and a double eyelid procedure in the last two years.

Asked why she had gone under the knife, Maia, 23, said: 'I'm hiao (Hokkien for vain).'

The single mother's first operation was a tummy tuck last January, to remove the excess skin she had after giving birth to her son Tyrese four years ago.

Her original intention was to have liposuction done, but a miscommunication with the Bangkok hospital saw her with a tummy tuck instead.

'When I woke up after the operation, I pulled up my shirt and saw more than 20 stitches. And I cried because it was just so painful!' she said.

The pain lasted for three months and during that period, Maia couldn't carry her son, cough or laugh for fear of splitting the wound.

Despite that, she went on to have nose implants inserted to raise her nose bridge and, in March, an operation to extend her nose.

And Maia still wants more.

She plans to do liposuction on her cheeks next because she hates the 'baby fat look'.

'Actually, I am happy with my looks, but if it can be better, why not?'

*taken from TNP 16 Aug*

You are one to say...

eeee....Dawn Yeoh is annoying no star quality to me at all!!!

Hate it that someone with the same name is making it bigger than her.

yea really!! Linda also said in the interview that when she was fat and not very good-looking she got rejected by the guy she liked, or something like that.

Makes me wonder, is that what spurred her to drastically lose weight, go for surgery to turn pretty and famous..?? for acceptance maybe?

but anyway i quite like her too! abit act cute sometimes like all taiwanese, but not overly act-sweet at least

Another surgery accusation

I think she looks different too, especially in the music video!!! I wouldn't even have known thats Linda if u didn't say so!

I'm not surprised if she did some surgery though. I read in those entertainment magazine before that she comes from a very wealthy family. She always wanted to become a star, so her father paid to produce her first album!!
She used to be very fat and became obsessed with losing weight to become famous, so she didn't touch carbs for a year!!

ericia's boobs look too big and fake.. remember she was quite flat before... and she looks downright scary now!!!! I actually used to think she was pretty!! (when she didn't show her bunny teeth). but If u see her photos these days she really resembles michael jackson...

According to her, Ericia Lee also plastic

yup she sure can't host for nuts!! felt quite bad for her watching her on tv

this virgin thing is probably a publicity stunt to make up for lack of talent... - on Jade seah

Ya same impression she gives me!!

Friends who were in SMU with her (Jade seah) said she's the loud, bitchy, "chor ***" type...!

i heard from my bro and his frens about fiona being les too!! she still is bisexual now i think..if i remember correctly they said she was dating the zouk KL's owner before, a rich woman.

But often can tell XX's face is photoshopped in her pics!!

I take one look and think "looks photoshopped"... dun seem very natural, the lines or colours or something...

fiona xie did double eyelids and boobs for sure....some suspect nose too.
Not all noses need to be done sharp i think.. some of my frens very natural still waiting to see those old modelling photos of her hehe!!

it seems most gals would not mind changing 1 or 2 features through plastic surgery if it were cheap and pain free!! and maybe they r scared about people "bitching" about them too!

I would do it when i have enough money for sure! if i use makeup to make my eyes bigger, or lipgloss to make my lips fuller, its still the same idea that i'm not satisfied with my features and I want to improve them. PS is just a more advanced, permanent, and "scary" method.

If people say it's the inside that matters, i fully agree and i'll also tell u "i'm still the same person u like/love inside, so why u bother so much what i do to enhance my outside?"

imo, many people (not all) who put those who do PS down are too scared/have no money/jealous but secretly wouldn't mind doing it themselves. not everyone will end up looking like MJ thatz ridiculous!

XX's character and attitude really sucks! She used to be entertaining, but now its just tiring, and i find she's always trying to get attention through the wrong ways

I saw my bro's photos with dawn taken many years ago before. she really did not look that much different when u consider the makeup and contacts, except the nose i think. I will try to ask him to dig up again if possible n put here hehe!

i think those pictures don't really do her (Dawn Yang) justice. like those paparazzi shots taken at bad timing. i saw prettier pics of her before that look more like her now.

Dawn yang is really very pretty and she has the exclusive X-factor i feel plus stylish dress sense, so it's no wonder she makes a lot of heads turn.

Fiona Xie is very pretty too, another head-turner. She looks good and fresh on the seventeen cover. However i've always found her nose to be a bit weird. They say she did nose surgery before so maybe that's why

Originally Posted by honeygal
saw some old pics of dawn yang in school uniform (scgs i think, not sure) in sammyboy coffeeshop forum and i almost fell off my chair.

she was unbelievably ugly, way below average. very awful facial features, especially her nose (like michael jackson's nose b4 PS). the only thing that did not change from her old pics is her lips.

Dawn replies:
think mebbe fake one or photoshopped?? I seen pics with my own eyes n she looked fine, though not as pretty as now. my bro said in secondary school and jc during their years she was one of the "popular girls". Even the gssq guy who wrote the surgery expose said in the TNP article that she was one of the babes in RJC.

Don't kid yourself... Those pictures were not fake or photoshopped.

actually i seen her in real life twice and her makeup is always super thick - On felicia Chin

all the lousy grade C imitations!

its quite scary if more n more girls are trying to be clones of dawn n bring her picture to the plastic surgeon. at least bring different peoples picture so at least got variety right haha

YOU FUCKING WISH. Why would people want to turn out looking like a freak? And you are a C-grade imitation YOURSELF.

dear camy,
it must haf been very hurtful reading all those horrible remarks some cotters made about you. sorry you had to go through that.
although i did not comment much, i also thought you were a DY imitator, but you could see that as a compliment that you resemble her a little! People just love to compare other people, just like how they say DY looks like fiona xie blahblah.
i believe the girls on this thread just like to let loose their "bitchy" side here, so take what they say with a pinch of salt and be confident of who you are

Gd luck with your skin condition, i'm sure with the right help it will improve!

You better go take care of your own pimply skin before you try to help others...

hmm....are u sure? i really doubt any surgeon will let someone so young do PS! I've read that they usually only let those around 18 and above do operation. Besides i can swear i saw from my brother's pictures with her when she was in secondary school she was already pretty and looks quite like how she does now, except most noticably her nose has changed lar haha - on Dawn Yang.

Quit harping about your imaginary brother

i think dawn is a beauty, even w/o makeup. no one can be picture perfect all the time, celebs all have "ugly" shots shown in tabloids too.. Seen a lot of horrible jolin tsai pictures for example, but still think she's a hot babe

I think after Dawn yang became the IT girl, a lot of her clone wannabes started popping up.. follow her style and all...

but all i feel not as good as the original? :X

Rei looks quite scary and plastic looking to me, even though she's chinese/indian. But sometimes really look like dawn! i think when you look at most camwhoring photos of girls online it's all about the same kind of poses...

Oh god... IT GIRL???

Fiona Xie's Old Photos..

Got this in a forwarded email...!!!

Fiona xie when she was 17/18 years modelling in a mag... they say she cut her eyelids and sharpened her nose... but most obvious is that her big boobs which made her famous are implants

eee really don't like dawn yeoh *frown*
"tiaras, princesses, pink and all the cutesey stuff" really nausea inducing indeed!

and she's not even good lookin or has a drop of star quality sad to say

You leh?

i think she had clarified she meant is she transferred to USC and but postponed studies there because she got signed up by agency here.

"why come up with lies that are easily busted????" Precisely, haha i dun think shez so stupid to do that la

Btw, anyone knows how old arissa is?
You ARE that stupid.

i think she said she went to the college on a scholarship then transferred to USC after that. Thatz what you/re supposed to do after the 2 year college if im not wrong. Arissa was also from a community college my friend attended

Arissa is a real USC student. YOU WERE REJECTED FROM THERE. Lies...

all these super gorgeous girls like angela and dawn really make me wanna get PS done!

Not enough ah!!?

oh i think angelababy is really gorgeous too!! how come all these girls look kind of similar to me haha

i saw her old photos in another forum before. she looks chinese then. they were saying itz because of plastic surgery..... but maybe just good makeup i find her nose is slightly different and chin longer now though. eyes maybe coz of eyelashes and contacts??

MTV n jacky must have auditioned her on screen n if she dun look good they wouldn't offer her the contract right? i thought she looked pretty on the youtube video she posted some time back.

what's with the lashes?! she looks so scary! very bad failed attempt at doing a dawn yang

...its really disturbing that there are so many dawn yang wannabes lately. so many girls out there trying to follow her look and style

Dawn should receive an award for most imitated female

Originally Posted by small pig

which is prettier... (dawn wear very sexy)

in terms of make up, dawn fail

hmm don't know, the colors and tones of the picture looks very highly photoshopped. it looks as though agri purposely brightened dawn's face too much

becoz from the other pictures of the same night on agri's and dawn's blog, the makeup looks fine

Maligns her good friend Agri

Originally Posted by mayaray
If i remember correctly the 8 days report had said she was auditioning for it. It never said she got the job.

Dawn replies:
oh nope im pretty sure it said she got the job and was considering whether to take up the offer.

my friend says xuesha in real life besides the heavy makeup, don't look like her pics. i do find her photos on the blog kind of blur n highly photoshopped...

my guy friend saw xuesha IRL. Before, he used to think she was quite pretty (in pics). After, he said changed his mind, and he was horrified by her scary eye makeup, super super thick and black!

from those pics it looks like the surgery she did is for her nose... the rest actually seem similar, just lost weight, straightened her teeth, big eye lens n makeup, better camera angles...

Oh that's true, i know during her school days she always try to mix with international school ppl.. even wear their international school uniform to hang out in town "for fun". Weird - on Fiona Xie

Oh fiona xie has mixed blood too?

btw, did you hear about her fling with this dj steve aoki? Alot of my frens were talking about it recently!! she was openly making out with him at zouk and then fort canning.

They say anyway its "not uncommon" for her to throw herself aroud? dunno, but i think a celeb should watch how she behave in public...

Says Fiona Xie is loose

Claire cho, I dunno much about, but she doesn't seem particularly striking or pretty to me at all.

Arissa is definitely pretty, but definitely not as stunning as in photos. some photoshop touchups probably. I don't know about whether she's slimmed down now, but she's known to be on the plump side. In real life, several of arissa's friends and her cousin ting (not sure the name) are much prettier and better figure than her.

Arissa does NOT touch up her photos, like you do. She only changes hues and colours only.

truthbetold, everyone's entitled to their opinions, but your onslaught of comments seem to be taken too far, especially the above one. Its more than just crude to say the least.

While others here are having relatively normal discussions n gossips, U sound very sour and very biitchy in comparison, imo.

And just to point out, a lot of DY's latest blog post pics are taken from other websites that cover events, with clear professional cameras. Also included are tagged facebook photos of her from other pplz cam. Non-photoshopped, and she still looks the same and very pretty.

IMO this is becoming like a witch hunt, the mad mob mentality. DY seems a nice enough girl who doesn't really warrant these sort of comments, and my brother (who is her friend) can attest to that.

The "lies" you allude to are just your speculations really. I assume you're talking about the edison incident in particular...but whatever e case is, I don't think any of us are fit to judge that what someone says is a lie when we're not God, or we don't have concrete proof, or we rather not believe (which seems the case when you are biased against her). She may or may not be lying, but do you know FOR SURE what she said is not true?

To be fair, as for unphotoshopped pics, dawn looks more or less the same if u see the FB pics tagged by her friends. Examples..

Posts photos of herself

if you're really kaypoh go find someone who's her friend on FB to see

The bad ones that someone posted here seem to be carefully selected minority few that are not the most flattering. Im sure all of us here are not picture perfect all the time either. But I guess people will always have this obsession with pointing out flaws and entertaining themselves with less than ideal pics of celebs.

Anyway this is my opinion so don't bash me

if u go see, the pic of the room in bali was 2 twin beds

Defending her relationship with Royston after removing queen-sized bed.

I think video is a far more accurate representation of how someone really looks. They may look a bit fatter on screen, but overall still not that far off.

It seems quite obvious from watching the shows that arissa photoshops her pics. Anyway i heard from friends that altho she's pretty, she's not exactly like stunning in real life so this prob explains it. She is also a bit plump i heard.


i'm in shock that arissa looks so different in video agree with u she looks better in her blog photos!

Especially the scene in this screenshot

yea it's better when she don't show her teeth.

Pleasant surprise that Jeanette Aw is in it too! Has she ever mentioned it before?

So did the 2 of them not make it big in taiwan?

You said it right. Blame THe New Paper.

Clearly stated its "grandparents have thai n dutch blood" right? ... but they themselves went ahead to call her pan-asian.

Or could be they're just referring to her looks.

Like i said, i've not seen proof of all that, shrugs.

If the info of her grandparents don't come from her, then come from who? the karang guni man?

btw if u wanna talk about lying, have you yourself never lied before?
Have other celebs never lied before about many things, besides PS?

Look at felicia chin, she outrightly denied in 8days she did her eyes.

Even if she did lie, its not a evil lie that is going to bring harm to you or the world right. and everyone lies. thats my opinion...

Honestly imo, a lot of this is hearsay and not necessarily true. I mean, its so easy to just write something online, then everyone spreads it round, then ***, suddenly its "fact"!

Like, when did Dawn ever slam ppl for going for surgery? Theres no published evidence to speak of, only someone on gssq's site "claimed" to hear her say it. Maybe he even came up with that line himself to make his post more juicy.

Also, it was reported that her grandparents have some thai n dutch blood, but they are still chinese, stating that fact does not equate to proclaiming herself eurasian. If I say i found out my grandpa has a bit of irish blood, im not saying im eurasian what...

And i find she is just living her *interesting* life, blogging and making money from it, she does not seem to "trying hard" to be a celebrity. Shez invited to so many events n all ***, becoz she's a "celebrity blogger", as ppl call her

Lastly, Dawn doesn't keep saying she's natural, nor admit that she do any surgery (if she did). Where? Never see before. So I don't see why some cotters like to slam her for "keep insisting she's natural". Probably its that opinion of some of her fans that gave you that give you that impression.

Jacelyn tay looks like a tranny to me so r u saying agri looks like a tranny

doubt her nose is fake because it's not that nice a shape like the plastic ones. unless surgeon didn't do such a gd job.

but jacelyn tay's nose is PS i heard

Another baseless PS accusation on Jacelyn Tay. And she says Agri looks like a tranny.

There is such a thing as 'image plagiarism' and copyright infringement for images.

It's less easy to detect, but still counts.

Besides lifting, plagiarism also occurs if you make use of the ideas of someone else without including an appropriate citation. So that means every idea the starbloggers got from reading elsewhere or doing research has to be acknowledged, which has not really been evident.

Then are all starbloggers guilty of copyright infringement since they posted pictures without giving credit to their sources??

Still other people's work too.


i think if dawn dares to sue, she must have a case.

if xx can post such an entry, then why don't she have the balls to stick with it? Logically speaking because she knows what she said is not true and she will lose.

heard about the cynthia koh being the 3rd party between edmund chen and his wife too.

as for ann kok, i don't find her that pretty compared to the fann or zoe. but ya, pity la, she would have been ah jie if she didn't go overseas. she failed to make it overseas too right?

Trying to stress that people other than her fail overseas...

sounds like she has a lot of pent up resentment and competition built up to release!

but if she really posts that entry up, guess what.... more traffic to Dawn's webbie...

btw, wasn't michelle reis a kept woman? :X
Another baseless accusation.

the gossip i get is that she can't seem to settle down, she's like enjoying playing the field!! i heard when she was seeing this wing tai's son BC, there's this other rich tatler bachelor guy A chasing her like mad, then in the end she both also "dump" and moved on to other guys. Something like that supposedly...

my sources said she should have just stuck with E, stable relationship, get married next time, but maybe she got a bit too caught up with her "fame?" I mean okay nice to have a lot of rich guys to choose from, but a bit sad for her long can she do this right...

Maybe she just enjoy being single haha

Ya maybe she (Dawn yang) goes for $$. . Then again i observed that maybe it's partly due to the fact that a lot of her friends and people she mix with are the high society party type? So naturally the chance of her dating rich people is high?

A lot of celebs and female stars also end up marrying rich businessmen and tycoons, not only her...

You can only wish to be married to them, shameful plastic freak. Who can bring you home?

I think i know who this E refers to... according to my sources last time she (Dawn yang) broke up with E and then got with another guy soon after. Maybe this mystery muscleman? They commented that she should not have, because E loved her very very much.

I'm so curious who this "muscleman" is!!! haha. rich eh, drive CLS? hmm.

Maybe she goes for $$. Sad if she is that sort. Her bf last year was the WingTai son too...

Tossing Bill Cheng around

the resort was also very nice, and there was this pretty pic of her on the bed with the mosquito netting i think..

Yes, the queen-sized one which you later removed

Agreed. What happened to irin gan anyway? she was pretty and she did anything to her face too? I remember thinking her double eyelids look unnaturally high last time

Baseless PS accusation on Irin Gan

oh I don't know any of these "new" stars till now, very under the radar? Mediacorp neglecting them or what?

I only know jade seah, and even then don't think she's pretty nor has talent... her hosting on that dance show was horrible...

Originally Posted by lambilicious
Im sorry but nira is definately 11100000000032523325230205035 times better looking than dawn yang.

And isn't it obvious that XOXODOLL is dawn yang herself? I'm suspecting ernernhui too, but not too sure. Actually, I think it's quite obvious dawn uses many aliases to defend herself and put others down. People, OPEN YOUR EYES.

Dawn replies:
you think we are DY? she has haters, she has supporters, she has neutral obective parties so deal with it girl!
And nira really looks bad to me irl, that's my opinion and many of my friends opinions so take it or leave it. She is photogenic, but not pretty at all in person. ernernhui82's description is completely accurate. I dare say anyone who's seen both dawn and nira real life will confirm say dawn's million times better.

Someone already knew it was her...

She is flat but she try to push up alot haha.

Nira comes from quite a rich family I heard? I dont think her modelling pays much, all those small time jobs only.

Dawn earns most of her income from blogging I think, she was mentioned in digital life $4k a month?

I find nira tries to imitate dawn somehow. I remember coming across many many copycat incidents in her blog. Recently someone also commented one of her photos with a perfume amongst her bag contents and LV wallet was copying Dawn's moonsparkle one!

Only in your dreams will people copy you... You know who the copycat is.

Everyone has good and bad photos, especially candid shots, uhh...high chance you will be caught looking weird? A lot of celebs also have ugly candid photos.

I think Nira does look gorgeous in many her pics. But she is more photogenic than actually pretty. Because in real life, she's really NOT pretty at all!! I've seen her, had friends who've seen her, and we all concur :X

what ernernhu82 says is true, long face, squinty eyes, look like tranny, so short n anorexic skinny :X

Hates Nira with a vengence

My friend told me that many taiwan forums have mentioned vivian hsu did double eyelids and epicanthoplasty.

Baseless. This time on Vivian Hsu And I am guessing YOU did those, right?

Originally Posted by ernernhui82
hmm....people like agri, nira, michelle and even arissacheo also pose like that.
i think it's normal.

i have friends who pose like that too. looks normal.....
they learnt the pose from magazines i guess?!

i think it's because it's dy we are talking about here and so everything she does is under scrutinity. sometimes, i myself do scrutinise her unfairly.
arissacheo poses like that all the time. maybe dy copied her, fine. but even my friends who don't know who the hell arissa is, also pose like that. i think it's just a pose right....

as in, simply because it's dy, we tend to pick on her even when she does seemingly common/normal things that tons of other girls do too.

and ermm, im not her fan or what. (read my previous posts). im just speaking objectively from my heart.

Dawn replies:
Agreed, what you said is very true.

I can see you're being objective, lets just hope you don't get accused by someone of being DY too lol!

yes Celeste Chong blatantly lied! My best friend did double eyelids at a very famous plastic surgeon here 2 years back and happened to see Celeste Chong in the private coffee room when she walked past! Her face and eyes looks a bit puffy like just undergone surgery recently.

then i read in Life! a few days ago she outrightly said she never do surgery and won't consider doing it....haha ya right!

Lastly, my favourite of all!

Dawn replying herself!

Out of nowhere, nobody was talking about her, and she suddenly name-dropped herself.

Double blast on Fiona Xie

Have you noticed a pattern in Dawn yet?

Her looks and image is first priority to her - everything else is secondary, including friends.

If you are her friend and you are pretty, she's probably jealous of you too.

Fiona Xie, Irin Gan, Fann Wong, Cynthia Koh, Jade Seah, Arissa, Nira Chan, Agri, Nicole Chen, Wong Li Lin, Jolin Tsai, Lynn Poh, Boa, Gwendolyn Wan, Andrea Fonseka, Maia Lee, Dawn Yeoh, Ericia Lee, Xuesha, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, Jacelyn Tay, Michelle Reis, Ann Kok, Vivian Hsu, Celeste Chong --- These are among the people she slammed baseless accusations on.

Did anyone else notice how she almost never praises pretty girls? If she says they are hot, she accuses them of being plastic like herself. If they are not "hot", then they have problems like they are plump, loose, etc.

I hope this opens your eyes to what sort of person the REAL Dawn Yang is. She is the sort who will step on you to climb 1 step higher herself.

Another suspected DY clone is ernernhui82 on Cozy. Check it out if you want. Her posts dwell on the same negative rumours on Nira, said that Gillian Chung is loose, constantly praises DY, says she bought a Chanel 2.55 in black with goldware, owns a Hermes belt, talks about plastic surgery constantly, says her sister wears braces, and is the first to announce that the "love plaster" was from a Namie Amuro cover. Suspicious? Yes. But conclusive evidence? No.

The other people also on Dawn's camp are Jameshong and Melissalam. Both people were informed of Dawn's decision to go on 98.7fm way before Dawn confirmed with Rosalyn Lee, the DJ. They then stupidly announced it on Cozy.

Melissalam is Noel, Dawn's fat and ugly manager.

How many more secrets do you have Dawn?

I am going to be digging for them, one-by-one, until the the day you apologize, and DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the limelight you never deserved.


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Anonymous said...

the person who commented about the Indian tingy is hyper sensitive i must say.

"She talks about "melissalam", who is her manager Noel in disguise. HE is not pretty but is a fat ugly Indian guy."
that's what he/she is referring to right?
ohmy. the author is just saying that melissalam is a fat ugly Indian. that's all. equivalent to when when someone says "melissalam is a slim beautiful Indian"

what's with the fuss?

Anonymous said...

dawn sux

Anonymous said...

Lol!!! You are real GOOD!!

kel said...

dude,i really dun quite like dawn yang too,and she's fake and all,but you digging up all her shit,shows how much life you have,which is really not a lot at all.Seriously,she's already exposed and double exposed and overexposed so many times to the point that yea we get it,DAWN you're crazy and desperate to have attention of the celebrity kind!

honestly,the dawn yang ship is already sinking so you are going to get your wish sooner or later.

but i just have to add,you don't have a life and are probably just as mentally retarded to make an entry as long as this.its like,you've been researching for what,445654 yrs? haha dawn yang can die but you're a loser

kel said...

although yes,this is a really good was quite entertaining though,but it doesn't stop you from looking crazy to me're just as crazy as her

Anonymous said...

haha she kept changing the email add in her friendster account again and again. in the afternoon i did a search on and it was dawn yang herself. now when i tried, its no longer available. i guess she herself knows wad is going on already. dumb.

Dominique said...

lol i fell bad for dawn
but she is so sick doing all this..
i am speechless

Anonymous said...

Didnt know DY was so fake till i read this. Pity her friends really.

DY - admitting that you did PS before wont hurt you. PS is common, all gals love to be pretty, if you got the guts to do it, have the guts to admit it. When you lie, alot of ppl will be eager to expose you because you r well known in sg. Your friends will be really sad to see all your hurtful comments bout them. What did they do to you to receive such needless comments?
Stop defending yourself and admit all your wrongdoings. You might have lesser haters.

huh? said...

How is saying he is Indian racist? Cannot say someone is Indian is it? Indian people got no fat and ugly one ah?

Cmon lor every race got fat and ugly!

Anonymous said...

''i am going to be digging for them, one-by-one, until the the day you apologize, and DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the limelight you never deserved. '' you quoted this.
LOL, i like this sentence and totally agreed with it. i believe many will support you too.
omg,and i cant believe in this world really got such *$#^*%@#$ person like DY. TSK TSK!

Anonymous said...

hmm, just hope she doesn't commit suicide or anything crazy.

cc seems like a fun forum.

Anonymous said...

Can try to track her URL to be even sure is her! Interesting! I saw her once through a party, she's no different from photos. Nothing special at all. she slug like turtoise! haha.. She will try to screen u if u're a bit of an attention.. & try to get yr attention to show how gorgeous she is... mmm... First impression..

Anonymous said...

she's so insecure.

i love the last sentence in you solongcandie post.

and thanks a lot for ur efforts!!!!

♥ weilie || 维列 said...

nice work! been keeping up on this, good digging...

whoever you are, love you <3

amimajerk said...

my god! i disliked her before her spat with xx. i lost respect for her entirely when she went after xx, and now i just know shes a waste of space. how someone can be sold cold and self absorbed, i'll never understand.

there FAR more to life then being pretty. which shes not in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

seasonal lust said...

dont encourage her to move to the states. omg, i do not want that piece of trash closer to me. she seems like she has psychopathic she might have voodoo dolls or something.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... do I get the feeling that Dawn has seen this and is trying to comment here to back herself up?

The style on cozycot is very similar to the style of some of these pro-dawn anonymous comments....


jolly said...

well, that girl's really desperate to be famous then. sucks that she is so so insecure.

Anonymous said...

Only XX is capable with long post...

Anonymous said...

OMG so shocking! This blog must have been written by her close friends or ex close friends or maybe "the person she copied".

It's so totally vicious! When did she ever betray her friends by revealing they went for PS with her? No names were cited in the post but yet the comment reveals the two names.

I can agree with her comments that some celebrities indeed have had PS done on their faces and this sentiment has been repeated many times by other netizens as well so she's not the only one to say "XXX dates rich guys because she wants to marry rich. XXX is a loose woman because she did XXX with XXX man at XXX location. Or XXX looks like XXX." I mean, these are normal opinions that may be formed by anyone as well.

Now I just feel sorry for DY. She seems to be insecure and maybe she has mental problems as well.

Anonymous said...

becareful guys.. she might be juz 1 of us. you never know...

Anonymous said...

gosh so stupid if the original posts conveniently disappeared after this blog came out that just makes it more obvious that it was actually her... hahaha. psycho.

Anonymous said...


I commend your time and effort.

Reading this made me DESPISE Dawn Yang even more. I am sickened by how creepy and obsessive she is about looks.

Jojo said...

Nice work.
It must have taken a heck of a long time and effort to do.

Just goes to say people, don't step on the wrong shoes and don't pretend to be something you clearly are not and lie about it...or people will dig up the truth. :)

Anonymous said...

This blog was never meant to be racist! It JUST SO HAPPENS that dawn's manager really is a fat and ugly indian! I can attest to that!

Anonymous said...

im not on anyone's side of the fence. but just want to point out something abt the cozy posts that dawn supposedly posted.
if u look carefully. shouldnt the post number change with every post she makes? why does the post no. stay at 62 after the hundreds of posts she made?

just found that interesting..

Anonymous said...

She has other aliases. She uses XOXODOLL more than her DELIRIOUSCHIC.

And currently she STILL is on the forum lurking in her own thread, albeit with a different nickname, acting retarded and singlish and always going off-topic to piss us off.

Trust me, she's not suicidal. She's damn thick-skinned, and irritating.

Anonymous said...


I sincerely believe that Dawn's a psychopath now.

A quick search on her IDs: xoxodoll/krazylovely not only confirms my suspicions but also reveals there's this XANGA ID: krazylovely who never FAILS to leave positive comments on Dawn's xanga posts @ clapbangkiss.

Seriously a freak.

Ada said...

Wow.. okay so what she did was pretty bad. But did you expect her to go around using her name "Dawn Yang" in the forums? Of course she's gonna use another name to remain anon. And when she hears people flaming her, of course she's going to defend herself. This all of course looks extremely bad on her part, but if you honestly think about it, what does it prove? Yes Dawn is putting other people down to make herself feel better or something, but **HONESTLY** what girl doesnt do that?? This just proves what, that Dawn is completely obsessed with her image? YES SHE IS, and she's going to take other identities to make sure people dont defame her "name". But other than that, this just shows that Dawn is just like everybody else, or at least more like an insecure 12-year-old who discovered the internet.

swd said...

@ ada:

don't tell me dy didn't know what she was getting into when she signed up for fame? fame is not always the glitz and glamour. the dark side is all the criticism you have to face. like the saying goes: if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

do you see people "knowing" nira or arissa or fiona or whoever coming to their defenses and bashing dy back? no. which means that they know the price of fame. dy didn't. she's so childish that she has to lash back at everything people say. if she's so natural, why must she insist that she didn't have ps or is really mixed?

ya, as a girl, i may put other people down to feel better abt myself but to the extent that dy does? creating false rumours? never. if you yourself do that, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Dawn Yang is a PSYCHO.

Anonymous said...

she gave herself away as xoxodoll on!!!

look at her latest pic - the one which says "dawn is with true friends XOXO"

a bit obvious huh? =/

swd said...

and i just read the angelababy post over at makeupforlife and that definitely stinks of dy and her jealousy.

bashing angela? check.
praising herself? check.

thank god phyllis hit back at her.

Anonymous said...

These findings are thorougly amusing and have showed us how she is really like. We stare in disbelief at the lies.

I think what we all want is that she apologizes at least on her clapbangkiss blog to her supporters, readers , the public for having us believe a facade she built up for herself.

But I think she will not. She just won't respond in her own name.

Perhaps we could give her a deadline to apologize publicly on her blog .

If she does not, what to do? Move on.

Whatever happens, we should live and let live.

I feel sorry for her.

p/s: Im not dy.

Anonymous said...

DY is so pathetic.

aynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

well done! i enjoyed reading through all this. dawn fails at LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

DY is SICK!!!
so pathetic...

Serene said...

Hi Thank you for showing me what kind of person DY is. I used to like her alot and admired her.. but not anymore.

Please print screen page ESPECIALLY when the XANGA was created.. Take a look at DY's xanga. Both webpages were created on the same day..

Anonymous said...

Someone just Self-owned herelf.

Anonymous said...

yikes, someone wants Dawn to go down and HARD.

she should have realised that all her lies would eventually surface.

maybe this site was created by one of her backstabbing friends?

OOOOoooo scandalous!

Anonymous said...

OMG i totally love your blog!
super entertaining.
i always thought she looks like a living doll.. knowing that she soooo sooo soo fake.. ANTI DY

dhani said...

*raises hand* I have a question...

WHY do you care?

Anonymous said...

More bashing on angela and props for dawn which sound similar to the posts on cozycot. She leaves no stone unturned!

Anonymous said...

hmm im curious how the fat and ugly manager looks like.. any pics?

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your effort! so much time? :P

anyway, she's just simply so deluded. only a person so dumb like her would think that no one will find out about her filthy lies. its a miracle if USC actually took her in *rolls eyes*

looking forward to your next post!

pfft.elfie said...

Dawn = Mentally unstable plastic fake human being.

This blog rocks. ^^ Please keep it up, I love it.

Whoever is the owner of this blog, I worship you. LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

i fucking kowtow you woman.

Lupin Tan said...

the author is not degrading the indians in generally,

She/he is just pinpointing that the noel character is a fugly indian.

Please read properly before you start commenting you dickhead

Anonymous said...

NICE! =)

Anonymous said...

Just a passerby with sincere advice.
Dawn, if you are reading this, please understand that you have attached yourself to all the materials & fame too much, and this the results of being too worldly in you outlook. Please let go and repent.
It's ok to not have all the fame & luxuries, you are still loved by God regardless your status. Pray and ask Him to show you the way to live, according to His will.

Anonymous said...

actually some of e names mentioned really done PS before.. like celeste chong i remembered reading her admitting to doing eyes in e newspaper... angela baby not sure only know that she put on braces but i have seen her before and after pics in hk mag... not much diff but can tell... linda and jolin are pretty obivious... hk/tw mag also talks about it.. as for fiona xie... i'm really keen to know about it. how come nobody talks about her doing PS? are her boobs real or fake? i didn't know she did her eyes but her nose is kinda slanted or weird... u should check out her blog in it makes me wonder if she plagiarise cos too random and poetic!!!! can't stand it... ppl say she's bimbo but her replies in interview usually seems so smart and poetic.. wad's e real her?

GO AWAY DAWN said...

Funny shit. Dawn's a liar. Liar liar pants on fire. Boo!

Anonymous said...

taken from her page count at her blog:

Pageviews: 8129453
Starting count: 3725101

why is her starting count 3million++? is she faking her page counts too?

Anonymous said...


Lupin Tan said...

Was reading the review of today's(290708) straits Times.

Seriously, I is hoping that this "case" can be settled out of court. If not, it will be use as a precedent for future defamation suits in blogsphere.

Seriously don't want to see that.

Main Section Page 18

Anonymous said...

LOL, she has already taken down her email from her Friendster.

Eisabess Cullen said...

I knew ittttttt.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job! She deserves it, really.

Anonymous said...

she removed that yesterday after the scandal broke but screencaps have been made. wad's the point? By deleting, it only shows that she's guilty.

Anonymous said...

Just in case Cozycot crashes, peeps can join some of us over at for more dirt on DY :)

Anonymous said...

hello, great work there... i just hope u nvr get found out :/ or that dawn won't find something to 'excuse' herself from all these.

is there any possibility deliriouschic might be someone impersonating dawn? maybe can check IP address? :)


Anonymous said...

i dont know why some people gets so ridiculously worked up about those racist issues.

come on, though the author did wrote fugly indian but please! he is not refering to all indians right?! How is that got to do with racist?!

Its just a description of one particular person.
If the author didnt write indian how would we know the manager is indian?

If you think such descriptions are considered racist, then y not say yourself?
You scolded the author (probably chinese). So r u being racist to chinese too?? Should i ask u to apologize?

P/S : In case you accused me of being racist, IM NOT.

chiewy said...

awesome shit. take her down and away!

Anonymous said...

WOW... dig more MORE MORE ! any more old fotos to show us ??

she should see a physciatrist.

Jieshi said...

geogeous piece of info; thanks a lot for your efforts! :D
& i can't seem to find any of the links things about DY. Seemed that she deleted everything. What a shameless whore.

shiok said...


I'm looking forward to whatever dawn yang the liar has to say to defend herself.

Through this post we now all know that she's really pathetic and attention seeking.

Can't stand people who are better than her. Can't stand people who are richer than her. Can't stand people who are more popular than her.

Immature much?

I really wonder how her parents feel having such a jealous and deceitful daughter.

To the author,
W E L L D O N E G O O D J O B!

Anonymous said...

wow. its amazing how dawn stooped so low. but now that all her lies are out, there is nothing left to cover. she totally deserves it la. lying freak.

Anonymous said...

oh my god. you're freaking amazing.

Anonymous said...

you're awesome.

Anonymous said...

I hope the people she bitched abt, especiall Fiona Xie, sue Dawn.

anti-plastics said...

Hahha, you've got what it takes to be a PI :)
And look, she has removed her friendster profiles?

Anonymous said...

I love this lah! Author you rock!
Are you Xiaxue?? Hahaha suspicions based on this:

Melissalam is Noel, Dawn's fat and ugly manager.

I LOL-ed upon reading that xDDD

crystallisation(: said...


Anonymous said...

do u find that xiaxue is like trying hard to look like dawn yang or something?

irl and on tv she looks quite bad and so different..... then on her blog she photoshop her photos so much in a way till she look a bit like dawn! oh my goodness!

You wish.

I think XX wrote this post... Great job done! 10/10 Entertainment value!!!

Keriya said...

Awesome job!
Seems like she's really..

ah well!
Such is life!

"A task, always requires a mask! "

Keriya said...

Awesome job!
Seems like she's really..

ah well!
Such is life!

"A task, always requires a mask! "

KH said...

Wah bro/sis, you're really "obsessed"(in a way) about DY. LOL.

But I like it...keep it coming.=)

Anonymous said...

oh myyy {:

how'd you manage all this info?
mayb dy will come and use another name to defend herself again or smth :/ who knows ! (:

mabel* said...

From the way I see, all the posts in cozycot by dear dawn yang is almost the same. I was giddy from reading all that! And I got bored like halfway through because she was just blabbering about how great she is and blah. I think she needs to see a doctor. The girl's suffering from serious denial! Great work though! Thumbs up! (:

Ting said...

Kettle calling pot black! DY demonstrates that so so very very well!

Using another moniker to bash people, like how she said XX did to BM. DY is just so so very very lame!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh u rly did aaloooottt of research bt nw we all c t true side of dy though its kinda harsh on her well she just wanted t b popular bt bt she is way fake tt she becmes a sore eye so damn many pics of herself if these all r t truth i rly hope xx win

CINDYxinyi said...

wow, impressive .

Anonymous said...

dawn yang is just a freak!!! a plastic one too!!!

fsdjfkwui said...

"I am going to be digging for them, one-by-one, until the the day you apologize, and DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the limelight you never deserved. "

remarkable. my second fav quote after the dark knight.

why so serious?

Anonymous said...

this is such a delight to read. i enjoy myself very much.
i want to thank the writer sincerely from my heart for bring netizens like me joy.
i hope this blog is able to do what it aims to do, and get rid of the societys scum like dawn yang. she treats people like total fools. lets crush her.
do your thing, writer. you go!

FionaChan said...

AWESOME post! anyway, the BoA in you mentioned, the hottie from Korea? o.0
and puhlease dawn, don't copy Namie, she's one of the greatest person ever, better than you of course, duhh. She's not a whore of fame, like you.

FionaChan said...

oh wait, maybe she was copying Namie Amuro, she admitted isn't it? lol. and she does look like Namie. So, whoever she's copying, she's still a copycat. It makes no difference.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kudos to u bro well done down with dawn yang =] plastic split personality

asdf said...

well done. are you XX?

Maybe DY will kill herself in shame. I imagine ODing on alcohol and meds.

Anonymous said...

nice one..
great effort

Anonymous said...

omg her friendster is like gone already!!! that shit!

Anonymous said...

the thing is, guilty or not, dawn's name will forever be in the slums, regardless of whether she successfully sues xx or not. so the question now remains as to whether she will be stupid enough to withdraw charges, or at least get some money (if she wins) to pay for a new look and identity? lol

immabitch said...

Bookmarked this webby. Please continue exposing Dawn. She started to interest me after the lawsuit thingy with Wendy. Haha.

Honestly, I don't think her PS is successful coz to me, she's not pretty! Juz like any other normal gal shopping at Bugis or Orchard Road. Maybe her looks are getting too common.

I love this blog. Also, thanks to this blog, I also got to know about other blogs, which can occupy my free time! =)

Anonymous said...

Your research floors me. This case of XX vs DY is like watching a fascinating car crash. It gets uglier but we can't look away. But I must say, this shows how inhumane humanity can get. We're treating her like a side show but we have to remember even if she may be fake in some areas she still has feelings. And feelings are not fake.

Maybe we should leave Dawn alone to let her sort all her mess. I'm sure she's regretting what she did by now.

With that said, amazing research. I wonder how long this took. o.O!

Anonymous said...

I really do look up to you as a professional stalker. Considered being a P.I? Haha.

Anonymous said...

Retarded dy.

Anonymous said...

gracie, candice and nicole...i used to hang out with those chicks. gracie used to be the cutest. the whole bunch including me used to hang out at cineleisure... when it still had the pool tables and the corn dogs. not forgetting lasermania. yeah i reckon i was pretty pathetic then. but grew out of it already.

dawn...just grow up, living life for the money and fame aint worth it. a simple life can be a happier life. Stop backstabbing ur mates, they'll forgive you in time.

Anonymous said...

You have wayyyy to much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

You have wayyyy to much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

yeah she's one ugly messed up asian.


elation said...

what's with all the hating?

i mean, in all fairness, dawn hasn't done anything to most, if not all, of you.

granted, if what appears on this blog is true, her character's found wanting, but then again, it doesn't concern any of you what. there's plenty of unscupulous cheats/liars/cons out there, why target this particular one?

no one forces you to read dawn's blog or xiaxue's blog for the matter so guys, stop overreacting and blowing the issue out of proportion.

i must say i'm neither a fan of dawn or xiaxue's (they're both so average and aren't really deserving of the attention in my opinion) but what amuses me is how so many people can pass judgment on someone you don't even know personally or well enough to substantiate your strong stands concerning this matter.

i'll leave you with a quote:
opinions are like assholes. everyone has one and most of them stink.

have fun in your lives everyone.

Anonymous said...

oh dawn yang, i wonder why your friends still bother to be your friends, after all knowing you are such a horrible person. and i meant damn horrible. you know it yourself. and like omg, i guessed out of 100, theres are like 90 or more people out there who dislike you. yucks.

oh anw, the one who create this blog, who ever you are, really cool luh. :D

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the posts are so fixeD? all her posts are stuck at 62 and not moving? at least updating upon every post? 63 64 65?

Anonymous said...

^ because the author of this blogspot printscreened all her posts AFTER they were all made, not DURING. That's why her post number is always 62, because all the 62 posts have been posted at the time.

yingying said...

i presume she has 62 posts at the point of time when the posts were screen-shot. oh no, she's so insecure with her appearance even after so many plastic surgeries. perhaps she needs more?

Anonymous said...

Can we just give the poor girl a break? :(
why all these hate for someone who just tried to live the life she thought would be a happy one?
so what if she did PS, so what if she didn't? so maybe it was a mistake to cover up, and maybe a mistake to sue XX, a mistake to pursue a dream of glamour, but she doesn't deserve all these hatred. she is just living her life, people, and just made some mistakes along the way..
Can't you guys see it's getting out of hand?

stephy said...

i cant say anything to the stuff above, because i dont know most of the people.. but, my biggest respect for spending so much time in the research for this..

are you a professional or how did you find that out? thats amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I believe it's getting out of hand only because instead of her admitting her mistakes, she chose to deny or defend herself or simply ignore.

look what's her excuse when she was caught for plagiarism: "it's only 3 or 4 articles out of the 100 over I've written for STOMP"
when there's obviously more than 20. and even so, can i say:
"oh i merely killed 3 or 4 people out of the 100 over i saw today"
and guess what's STOMP reply regarding her plagiarism?
"she promised not to repeat her mistake"
they take plagiarism so lightly!
looks like in future murderers can be release as long as they promise not to do it again.

really disappointed in Straits Times.

so people are simply trying to dig out more stuff about her so she has no where to run but admit what she did. perhaps if after she made a public apology about all her wrong doings, people will not be so interested in digging out her dirts anymore.

Ayman said...

lol. I like the last part. It sounds funny but evil.

Bliss said...

LOVELY! I love what you did. Truth's out!

Bliss said...

LOVELY! I love what you did. Truth's out!

Anonymous said...

Amazing~ BUT hey! dun bring racist in! i love all my indian and malay frens! and i am chinese! haha~ anyway, it is suppose to be DY!!! freaking B****. =X well.. cool off dude~ ^-^

blu said...

the thing about dawn yang committing suicide and about WHY we hurt her? the TRUTH: BECAUSE SHE HURT OTHERS TOO. maybe not necessarily hurt her, but the way she spread all the rumours are horrible and it gives you a clear view into what sort of person she is.
even though this is harsh, i think it is necessary. someone needs to wake dawn yang up from her reverie, in which she is some princess who is all THAT and others are below her, and if it needs to be the author of this blog, so be it. for so much effort and research put in, i applaud you.
dawn, i believe that it is possible that you are an "ok" person inside. but all this apparent "fame" -- that by the way, is a little too nonexistent for me to call it fame (: -- is getting to your head. to protect your image and yourself you've done all these crazy stuff. creating different internet identities that totally protect and trash others? not smart at all.

wake up, dawn, before you fall off the cliff while sleepwalking.

Anonymous said...

the CC comments looked a bit fake cos the 'no. of posts' is always at 62. i thot diff post shd hav ascend or descend no.? can't b rite? very doubtful. it looks more like copying the name and then paste on the comments?

Anonymous said...

Why did she do all these things for?

Didnt you read what she wrote before? She is in pursuit of the upper class life- life of been one of the wealthy and famous.

Been adored and worshipped by millions of guys and girls

She has just lost the trust of everyone, this is just so sad, who can trust her again without thinking if she will ever do the same thing again.

Elaine said...

omg. fucking cool. hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

With this revelation, you have just created 100 x100 x100 x100 x100 .....enemies multiply their friends and relatives.

girl you are in really deep shit this time.

time to repent and stop thinking about marrying a wealthy guy all the time.

Anonymous said...

I dont detest you but I detest everything you have done.

You may look pretty but your inside sucks. Never seen a girl so cunning and betray their friends.

This is called backstabbing.

You said you dont like to back stab and say bad things about others. You even said this in your stomp video

Here you show what a backstabber you are.

Who is the liar now?
You said on radio you didnt lie.

You are such a despicable liar.

No respect for you anymore.

terryne said...

wow good post!

Anonymous said...

If you are disappointed with Straits Times then dont you think you should bring your complaints to other newspapers and magazines?

Dont whine about Straits Times. Why would they flaunt their dirty laundruy? Dont be stupid lah..

Anonymous said...

why should anyone be cool about racism?

Anonymous said...

Heh whoever wrote this, I applaud you !!! Admire your investigative skills and courage to do this.Any updates especially on MelissaLum? Cant wait for your next update.
Also can you set up a counter?

Anonymous said...

Will she also come here and leave positive comments too?

LOL laugh until want to fall off my chair....

krazylovely said...

how to be famous nowadays in the blogosphere?

talk about dawn and her 'lies'?

Anonymous said...

Such a pity. I didn't really care that she went through plastic surgery. However backstabbing and creating false rumours about others (possibly her friends)? Low.

How do you sleep at night, Dawn?

Anonymous said...



and GOOD efforts on everything! To this owner of whoever u are, i really salute u on this. KEEP THIS COMING.

DAWNYANG, wo pui~~ I seriously hate it when you defended urself and non-stop accusing others. I keep swearing non-stop when i read those comments in cozycotz. Puke Puke and Puke.

You're just like A SINGLE TINY SAND in the HUGE DESERT! Defending urself while the WHOLE WORLD is crushing on you! Pity you.



Anonymous said...

I somehow think this page will reach to an unbelievable numbers of comments. 330 and counting.....

Disgusted said...

Omg, I can't believe STOMP allowed Dawn Yang to plagarize yet again! This time the one-time popular post from yutaki eons ago.. Have you no opinions of your own, dawn? Why be a blogger then?

Read Yutaki's Response:

Anonymous said...

ugly girls will never see the light of the day. let her shrivel in her pseudo glory and live in her mental world. haha wat a loser, destroyed by the very medium she used to publicise and lie about herself. GREAT JOB XOXO

Anonymous said...

hmm.. just out of curiosity, why are u doing this? you said you're a friend of dawn yang and "fake" friend u claimed? what has she done to you that raise such an anger in u.

xoxodoll said...

please don't anyhow accuse me of being dawn yang herself!!! c'mon, just check my IP address and you'll see I'm not even in Singapore!! why are you ppl bashing dawn this way?? what wrong has she done towards all of you?? she's just trying to live her life ppl, c'mon man. ok it's true that she did have all those plastic surgeries, and sleep with the rich old men, but doesn't everybody do that?? c'monnnn


Anonymous said...

maybe dawn slept with Noel

Anonymous said...

Internet n00bs commenting about having 62 post counts being suspicious obviously does not know how a forum functions.

It just mean she has a total of 62 posts where the screencaping was going on.


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

readin tis post sumhow gifs mi a feelin abt a bunch of irate bloggers couldn't stand e real dawn, thus exposing hearts goes 2 XX, at least she's cool enuf..nt sum plastic acting dolls..

Anonymous said...

the joker of the century.
proven that there are just such people in this world.
and showbiz, its like attaining nirvana to them.
at the cost of anything, everything, friends, family,
and even pride and dignity.

get a life.
a REAL life.
even if she wants to be a bitch,
have the PRIDE of a bitch.
and of coz, perhaps, get a book on "the way to becoming a bitch for Dummies".

suspected that the surgeon took out her brains as well.

Elaine said...

To the author: You'll make an awesome lawyer. All the digging and information!

saltyfish said...


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I concur!! It's my innate instinct to dislike her act chio pattern! I wanna see her go DOWN!!!! hehehehe. but hopefully she doesn't commit suicide first. just disappear from the limelight i okay oledi! P.S. Dawn yang, if you're reading this, just go away~ and get it clear: people don't hate you for PS, they hate you for being you (who happens to do an excellent job of getting on pple's nerves)

Anonymous said...

I think someone mentioned about how the 'screenshots' seem to show the post number remaining at 62?

How is that possible when she posted so much? Please clarify so I could believe this post is the truth. (though i still believe that dawn plagiarizes)

I'd be happy if these things were true and justice were to be meted out BUT if this is just an unscrupulous way of framing her (stupidly at that), it's quite disappointing.

We want truth, not another made up sensationalized story.

Anonymous said...

still in no way, does she deserve that much hatred, and viciousness, from people who once knew her, or even more so from people who've never even met her at all.

look at it like this, she seems to me to be just a girl desperately chasing a glamourous dream. she supposedly underwent PS to be more beautiful, took some texts and passed it off as her own perhaps to be seen as more intellectual/smart..etc. all because she is desperately trying to uphold a 'classy/smart/happening' image in the pursuit of fame. and if this blog is true, then she also created certain aliases to protect and defend herself while remaining anonymous. all mistakes, and all desperate, but all in the name of chasing a dream, albeit haphazardly and foolishly. She probably doesn't even know her that her mistakes could be serious. Some of you scream for her blood, and that may be exactly what you might get, but why? why the maliciousness and visciousness? she is just living her life..just like everyone of us. we chase dreams and make mistakes. we haven't been perfect more often than not. perhaps she DOES need to be woken up from her reverie..perhaps some justice needs to be served..but perhaps enough is enough? some hate and are so vicious that they are gleeful to see blood spilled and the downfall of someone who just tried to chase a silly dream. I don't see how that could be less evil or ugly than what she supposedly did. To fight ugly doings with uglier doings won't help anyone. Where is the love people? Initially these things were juicy, but the hate is becoming uncalled for, and getting out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Dear "above poster",
People here are NOT just talking about her PS. You failed to understand what is point here.

Anonymous said...

That's right. It's not hate that evolved out of nothing. She has a HORRIBLE personality, Pver self-righteous, talks shit about other people and then contradicts herself, lies, backstabs... WHAT ELSE?


Anonymous said...

1 more time for the internet n00bs

62 posts in total on her deliriouschic account
account made in Mar 2006

283 posts for her xoxodoll account
account made in Oct 2005

Why is it not possible? The screenshoots itself shows the date of the posts. She did not post all in one day.


Lupin Tan said...

Got New Dirty Laundry?

Anonymous said...

she's so fu*ked~!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think this is too childish,
even if you're helping xx or whoever.
what's the use of doing this? just to deframe her, expose all her lies? and then? do you really enjoy doing all this rubbish? you live your life just to write all these to prove to the rest and to gain fans/fame? i thought after what xx said, things should have ended. but then such things are didn't stop.
if you are the victim of all these, do you enjoy see-ing yourself been insulted this way? put yourself in other shoes man. and grow up every single of you who see this as some kind of joke to laugh.
i can't believe singaporeans have already put themselves into such disgraceful and shameful manner.

Anonymous said...

well done! so many proofs to condemn that fake bitch!

Anonymous said...

"1 more time for the internet n00bs

62 posts in total on her deliriouschic account
account made in Mar 2006

283 posts for her xoxodoll account
account made in Oct 2005

Why is it not possible? The screenshoots itself shows the date of the posts. She did not post all in one day.


So the number of posts in CC never updates itself? So even if I were to post one post today, and another post tomorrow, and another post the day after tomorrow, my total posts will always turn up as 62? You're not making sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Way to go man~! Continue digging till the day she apologize!

Anonymous said...

lol i was kinda waiting for your further elaboration on Jameshong :) is it on your list of coming soon? hehe

Anonymous said...


I had a fren like her.mentally delusional...would talk abt all the guys who liked her, fake "letters" and "testimonials" on frenster etc. In the end she admitted to everything after we dug it allll out.

She is just super insecure..I think she lost herself when she lost her face.

Great job!!! I cant believe u found those old photo albums and evidence. hahaha...Dawn yang is downright disgusting.


Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me why this page and the other DY hate page, the cozycot and flowerpod sites her chat boxes all remain as the same number of posts in every box. isnt the number of posts updated everytime u post? why is it always 62 posts... this is weird. i think it may be a case of a weirdo DY hater doing this page up to make it worse than it is... i wont believe until you show me the flowerpod links or if anyone else can verify that these conversations took place. any cozycotters of flowerpodders remember these posts??

jaejae said...

and guess what's STOMP reply regarding her plagiarism?
"she promised not to repeat her mistake"
they take plagiarism so lightly!
looks like in future murderers can be release as long as they promise not to do it again.

HAHHA isn't the answer obvious? She slept with the person in charge of STOMP.

So the number of posts in CC never updates itself? So even if I were to post one post today, and another post tomorrow, and another post the day after tomorrow, my total posts will always turn up as 62? You're not making sense.

OMGG how thick can you get? The 'number of posts' get updated with every post throughout the entire forum. So maybe if the poster had done the screenshots a few months ago, the number of posts would ALL be 50 or something! Get it now??

Anonymous said...

oops i get it now. it means on the day that the website person retrieved these posts, there were 62 posts by this person already. its possible as the researcher could have obtained all the screenshots in one day. =) is that right?

Anonymous said...

oops i get it now. it means on the day that the website person retrieved these posts, there were 62 posts by this person already. its possible as the researcher could have obtained all the screenshots in one day. =) is that right?

theresha said...

Haha! Digging out all of these information must have took you a lot of time. Awesome job! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Personally, i was neutral at the start of XX and Dawn's fued. By this, THIS my friend says a lot about that multiple faced biatch. I'm simply disgusted.

Anonymous said...

After looking at this site, i guess everything is kinda real, cause after reading it, i actually went to google search (got nothing to do), after typing xoxodoll, i found myself a link that stated LSI Membership. xoxodoll. Dawn Female, 23 years Singapore, xoxodoll is offline etc etc.... Registered: 29-12-2003. But after clicking it, the name become Selina born in 01/12/1982 (basically everything change) except the MSN address, AIM, LSI ID and the most impt thing.. the registered date even the time is the same.. the one been post up in here, her last login was 19-03-2008, but the latest was 29-07-2008, i guess after seeing all this, she decided to cover up for herself again.. but then again...

Personally feel that, if you want to be known, regardless actress, bloggers etc, the fact is seens that now you are a well known public person, you have to take all the shit from everyone. why bother to go and sue ppl make a big hu-ha, trying to get more attention? in the end what happen? that's ppl mouth, they can say whatever they wanna/like to say, if just by saying ur boobs is fake, ur nose is fake, ur eye is fake, jackie wu offer is fake blah blah blah.. you wanna sue ppl, i think alot of the lawyer will be very busy, cause they will have alot of sueing cases from the celebrities... :S

Well, all i can say now is, "Dawn, I think you really got yourself some big trouble now.."

Anonymous said...

And btw, i think that going for PS is very common nowadays, why wanna hide? so what you have a PS job? i guess everyone juest wanna look good and nice, even i dare to say that i wanted to do a nose job since is was young... Just be true to yourself, cause you know yourself better than others

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA dawn yang just got PWNED bigtime!

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 30 July 2008
1:08 am
3:21am / 3:22am

Aiyo why get so confuse?

Meaning to say that Dawn Yang had posted a total of 62 posts under the 'deliriouschic' account AS OF THE TIME OF THE SCREEN SHOT.

Do keep in mind that they were not 'Live telecast' screen shot, and that explains why the no. of post remain unchanged.

Anonymous said...

for all we know she might have slept with SPH's director or sth, which explains y she's still nt being dropped by now. lol.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this is cyber-bullying to the finest. Haven't you got anything better to do than to do extensive research on someone who has no relation to you at all? So what if she had her nose done? So what if she expressed her mind on a public forum? So what if she wants to be liked? My god, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Have you NOTHING better to do than to bash others online? Oh, and why do it in anonymity? If you wish to publish the Many Lies of Dawn Yang, then say it out in her face, and not do it passively by publishing a blog.

Look, I have nothing against you and I couldn't care about Dawn Yang. She's just a pretty face who for some reason everybody loves to hate. This is high school in its finest. Get the claws out.

But seriously, don't you have anything better to do than to show off your biatch side? No? Well, have a good life, and thanks for showing us the REAL you.

Anonymous said...

Oh and just if you think I'm a Dawn clone (previous), you're WRONG. Just shows how paranoid you guys are. It's quite funny actually. I don't live in Singapore, but it's kinda scary/amusing/disturbing to see how a lot of Singaporeans behave. Cruel, just totally cruel.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah cyber bullying.


Anonymous said...

xx yr fonts have given u away. See u in cot

ai hui yang

Anonymous said...

Dawn Yang


1984 - 2008

Anonymous said...

this is SO gossip girls..


Anonymous said...


Near said...

I am so impressed by this blog. It is so mind-boggling.

REally curious to find out what could happen next?

Anonymous said...

YANG AIHUI is disgusting

You club with Fiona Xie and I presume u are friends.

Why jealous of her looks?

Why start threads to say she have plastic surgeries?

Mediacorp should sue u for defaming many stars


Anonymous said...

soon fans of Fiona Xie and many others e.g. Felicia Chin, Dawn Yeoh.. will find u disgusting.

Well done Dawn.. u are getting more hated!


Anonymous said...

wow, ure awesome :)

Anonymous said...

chanced upon this, and found it to be a big revelation. you must have done a lot of work! it may seem psychotic or what some pple said to be cruel cyber bullying, i dont really think so. there are other things on the net that can be far worse than this case. i believe the more lies DY tells, the more pple get worked up about this case. while i increasingly feel disgusted w her, i do hope she does admit her mistakes and just move on.

Anonymous said...

nice digging! the only thing that is disturbing me is deliriouschic.. She posted a lot! but y her post counts still show 62 posts so far?(take a look again of all of the screenshots of her posts there). I have a feeling dat all of the nasty comments were from other DY lovers (most probably be gone by now) and 'someone' might have edited em the screengrabs to show that they are posted by deliriouschic. u think?

Anonymous said...

>> and 'someone' might have edited em the screengrabs to show that they are posted by deliriouschic. u think?

The post were not edited by "someone".


Or sign up for an account on CC and see for yourself. Loads of members on CC had called her out many times. This site just shows the evidence to non-CC members

deliriouschic account


Anonymous said...

haha if you google "xoxodoll", you will find that the search renders "LSI Membership. xoxdoll. Dawn Female, 23 years Singapore.

When you click on the link, the name has been changed to Selina, 25 from the United Kingdom. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Let's get it straight, the number of posts is the total amount of posts at the time the screen shot was taken! think about it people!

Anonymous said...

haha awesome!!

p.s. relax abt the 'indian' thing la dei. we also say _____ 'chinese' when we complain wat.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why is that poor DY still remaining silent for what shit??? I thought she loves to protest for herself but y not this time round? like now came so far already and so much dramas brought out by herself, i dun see she needs any respect from any of us at all. as a blogger, u need ur readers to trust you. this, she failed. honesty is what she lack off.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've already noticed... but Dawn already commented.
look at the style of the writing... but anyways...

Alright, since she's here, I wanna tell her something:
Dawn, I'm not going to tell you to go die or that you suck or anything, because that's terrible to say to anyone, even if they are a lying, plagiarizing person.. You could have been famous for doing good things but, to be honest, you really blew it. I don't know if you had a friend who did that to you or anything but if that's the case there's no right to do that to us, especially when it is so many people instead of one. And as you can tell already, we always need to vent our anger. If you wanted to get famous, you need to know that you can't hide from it all forever. All of here are somewhat insecure, but the fact that you let that get in the way of "living the life," well... that's pretty embarrassing and tragic.

i said...

to all those who keep asking why the posts remain at 62...

pls read the other comments explaining why it is so! that saves time and space explaining over and over again every time someone asks. if you've just read the whole amazingly composed looooong post, i'm sure u have the time to go through the entire comment section too.

catch up pls!

Anonymous said...

Omg Dawn, u r doom! Tat's it u pathetic piece of shit! The word SHAME does not exist in ur dictionary itssit?! I pity ur parents seriously, pls think for them and stop ur lies! KNOW WAD? IF i were u, i'll spent more money on PS so to not get recognised in public! ASS WHORE DAWN!

Anonymous said...

Monkey is as clever as my hamster!

Anonymous said...

"...DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the limelight you never deserved" - Woof. this is harsh. but me like me like! (see I got quote ok. heh)

Anonymous said...

I think comment posted on,
July 30, 2008 9:44 AM

was by DY herself.

wat u think???

and she herself posted it as anonymous. (if that was by her)

Dawn, y dun u do it in ur own blog and like us see what u have to say huh?

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why some ppl have the curiosity to read this blog yet dont understand why we hate dy so much.
then why chase this cyberdrama with us?

if dy can abuse her cyber influence multipersonality-ly, why can't we also use our combined-"peasants"-cyber-power anonymously?

because we "peasants" always believe 团结就是力量。

for a person who ONLY have the ability to ONLY earn $4k~$6k per month, i can't believe her that melissa lampaji friend dare to call themselves as 'princess' / 'upper society'.
clearly they have no idea what is the defination of "RICH". frogs toads in a well.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i mean toads.

Anonymous said...

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

dawn yang needs to go fuck herself

Anonymous said...

never seen anyone as fake as her

dawnyang said...

*doing a dawn yang*


Anonymous said...


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